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The Coming of Age of the Second Generation

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Challenges and Opportunities during Times of Change

The Institute is key at convening and supporting scholarship relevant to the Americas. Following are some of the recent discussions, symposia, research lunches and special presentations sponsored and organized by the institute.

Faculty and scholars across and outside the University of Miami are welcome to share their work at research lunches and special presentations. Policy dialogue include stakeholders and partners from both the public and private sectors, other universities, policy makers, and non-governmental organizations.

Scholars across and outside the University of Miami share ongoing research relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean
Conferences and meetings that bring together experts in topics relevant to the hemisphere

Academic conferences and seminars that tackle issues that influence Latin America and the Caribbean

Series led by Dr. Kate Ramsey, Faculty Lead for Hemispheric Caribbean Studies

Series led by Dr. Merike Blofield, Faculty Lead for Gender and Social Development Studies
Events focused on documenting and linking local particularities of systemic injustice to hemispheric and global patterns

Series led by the institute's Distinguished Graduate Fellows
Events relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean, co-sponsored by the institute across campus

A list of all events organized or co-sponsored by the institute