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UMIA funding programs for faculty are intended to encourage interdisciplinary research on the Americas, including Latin America, the Caribbean, immigrant populations of and in the region, and Miami as a hemispheric hub. Any full-time faculty member may apply. Competitive programs will be reviewed and ranked by at least three faculty members from different fields.

Research Lunches

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Do you want to share your research and receive feedback from faculty and graduate students across disciplines? UMIA would like to host these discussions at Pick Hall and will provide the promotion. These opportunities are on a first come-first served basis.


Event Co-Sponsorships

UMIA can provide limited funding support for events related to the Americas that are organized elsewhere at UM. Please apply through the UMIA website four weeks prior to the event. Funding is on a first-come, first served basis.


UMIA Faculty Grant Recipients

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  • 2023 Faculty Grant Recipients

    Eric C. Brown - "Analysis of the Brazilian Mortality National Data System (BMNDS) for Suicide Prevention”

    M. Scott Heerman - "Carried Back: Captivity and Belonging in the Age of Atlantic Emancipations, 1770-1870”

  • 2022 Faculty Grant Recipients

    Victor Deupi - "The Architectural Photography of Annette and Rudi Rada: Modernity and Tradition in South Florida and the Caribbean"

    Kenneth James Feeley - "Using the Boiling River as a window into the future of tropical rainforests"

    Calla Hummel - "Trans and Nonbinary Rights in the Americas"

    Jason D. Mizell - "Folktales and oral histories complete"

    Kathryn M. Nowotny - “Preexposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention in Mexico City”

  • 2020 Faculty Grant Recipients

    Seth Schwartz - "Mental Health Burden among Hurricane Maria Survivors in Florida"

  • 2019 Faculty Grant Recipients

    Lydia P. Buki - "Colorectal Cancer Literacy in Uruguayan Populations: Implications for Cancer Control"

    Viviana Díaz Balsera - "The Hostile Paradise: Franciscan Timucua Missions in Seventeenth-Century La Florida"

    Ta Chen Chang - "Integrating Genotype, Phenotype and Geo-Environmental Variables in Congenital Eye Diseases"

    M. Scott Heerman - "Carried Back: Kidnapping and State Formation in the Atlantic World"

    Calla Hummel - “Burning Down the House: Informal Agreements and Arson in Bolivian Cities”

    Mariano Kanamori - "The Impact of Social Network Structures on Mental/Substance Use Disorders and Sexual Transmitted Infections Among Venezuelan Immigrants Living in Peru"

    Kate Ramsey - "Afro-Caribbean Religion and Sciences of the Mind in the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Atlantic”

    Lien Tran - "A Roadmap to Opportunity: Formative research for the design of an interactive decision support tool for refugee and immigrant adolescents seeking education and career pursuits in the U.S.”

  • 2018 Faculty Grant Recipients

    Kenny Broad - “Caves, Culture, and Sunken Ships: Underwater Archaeology of the Bahamas” 

    Donette Francis - “The Reproduction of Race in Miami Research Project”

    Cassandra J. Gaston - “Understanding the role of African dust on climate and precipitation in the Caribbean” 

    Pamela L. Geller - “Bioarchaeological Foundations: Identifying Collections with Skeletal and Mortuary Remains from 18th and 19th Century Haiti” 

    Scott Heerman - “Carried Black: Black Kidnapping and State Formation in the age of Atlantic Emancipation”

    Louis Herns Marcelin - “Inhabiting the Postcolony: Personhood, House and Configuration of Houses in Brazil and Haiti” 

    Calla Hummel - “Disobedient Markets: Street Vendors, Enforcement, and State Intervention in Collective Action”

    Isadora Mota - “An Afro-Brazilian Atlantic: Slavery and Anglo-American Abolitionism in Nineteenth Century Brazil”

    Marysol Quevedo - “Breaking with Tradition: Classical Music in Cuba during the Cold War”

    Seth Schwartz - “Storms and Migration: Stress, Mental Health, Service Needs, and Intervention Needs among Puerto Ricans Following Hurricane Maria”

    Barbara Whitlock - “Evolution and conservation of royal palms (Roystonea) in Cuba and the Caribbean” 

  • 2017 Faculty Grant Recipients

    Octávio Bueno, Tracy Devine Guzmán and Kunal Parker - “Language and Democracy in the Americas”

    Eduardo Elena - "Conquering Distance: Argentina and the Fortunes of Steam-Age Globalization, 1860-1910"

    Donette Francis - “The Novel 1960s: Form and Sensibility in Caribbean Literary Culture"

    Viviana E. Horigian - “The University of Miami- O&M Collaboration to Establish a Multifaceted Research Infrastructure for Public Health”

    Victoria Orrego-Dunleavy - “Empowering local comadronas in Indigenous Guatemala: A Tool for Sexual and Reproductive Health”

    Patricia Saunders - “Buyers Beware: Epistemologies of Consumption in Caribbean Popular Culture”

    Justin Stoler - “Toward a Geographic Clearinghouse of Intimate Partner Violence Services and Community Determinants in Miami-Dade County”

    Michael Touchton - “Does Democracy Breed Relief? Governance, Mosquito Abatement, and Zika in the Americas”

    Martin Tsang - “Blood and Stone: Afro-Cuban Religious Interventions for HIV Awareness, Education, and Treatment"