Cuban Architects at Home and in Exile: The Modernist Generation


Victor Deupi

Lecturer, School of Architecture, University of Miami

Jean-François Lejeune

Professor, School of Architecture, University of Miami


April 18, 2017

Within the last thirty years, the history of twentieth-century Cuban architecture has received considerable attention in both Cuba and the US. Similarly, Cuban architects of the diaspora have been the subject of several conferences, exhibitions and publications. Nevertheless, there is no available study that examines the life and work of mid-20th-century Cuban architects in both Cuba and overseas. Cuban architects at Home and in Exile: The Modernist Generation brought together for the first time important works of art and architecture of the 20th century that extend beyond the island of Cuba and reveal the sense of Cuban architectural culture at home and away. The presentation will brought to light several mid-20th-century Cuban architects and artists whose work in Cuba and abroad represents the challenges that their generation had to face to establish themselves in a country on the verge of dramatic change, and then as expatriates in various foreign countries.